What does SharpSpring Marketing Automation offer?

Visual workflows

Create workflows to automate tasks. With SharpSpring's intuitive builder, you can set up marketing automation workflows to visualize the buyer journey. Automate your tasks and extend the workflows by adding different branches. This way, you can follow leads at different stages of the buyer journey. By combining tasks and action groups, you can connect with leads at every stage.

Email automation and smart mails

Automatically send the right message to the right person at the right time with emails you create and set in advance. You can save and re-use the email design. You can also duplicate workflows.

Dynamic forms

Dynamic forms are automatically filled in for visitors who have been to your website before and filled in a form. This not only improves conversions, but it also looks great on the site with the custom CSS. In addition, it is possible to link third-party fields and native forms.

Web Visitors ID

VisitorID is a useful marketing automation tool from SharpSpring. It allows you to attract twice as many visitors to your site compared to other marketing automation platforms. The behavior-based tracking gives you more insight into the motivation of a visitor to perform an action. Think of clicking on a conversion button. You will daily receive a list of your most popular leads. This allows you to act at the right moment so these leads can be converted into customers.

Built-in CRM (or third-party integration)

SharpSpring has a built-in CRM system. It is also possible to migrate or integrate your current CRM system. Thanks to the direct two-way synchronisation you always keep your integrated data up-to-date.

Landing pages design

Guide visitors to the right sales funnels via landing pages. Having a good landing page will help you convert leads into customer faster. With SharpSpring's point-and-click editor you can easily create unique and powerful landing pages. In SharpSpring's library you will find landing page templates. You can use these templates or modify them.


Connect to external software providers via SharpSprings APIs and Zapier connections. You can synchronise data with your current CRM systems to enable marketing automation. Keep your content management systems up-to-date and integrate various web forms from external software providers.

Social media integration

Schedule when your social media posts need to be posted. SharpSpring's Social tool has the features you need to manage your social media channels. This application gives you insight in your daily, weekly or monthly planned activities. All your planned social media posts in one overview.

Lead scoring

Award points to the behaviour of your leads based on engagement, page tracking, potential and the completeness of the information they entered. You can see exactly how 'hot' your leads are. You can then target your messaging accordingly.

Platinum SharpSpring Partner

In 2017, schurq. became a Platinum SharpSpring Partner. Platinum partner simply means that schurq. knows what it is talking about when it comes to marketing automation and has many customers using the SharpSpring Automation platform. We are also currently the largest provider in the Netherlands. A Platinum certificate shows current and future customers that schurq. is a credible, experienced partner when it comes to setting up and implementing Marketing Automation.

The fact that we were the first agency in the Netherlands to use SharpSpring ensures that we can offer a competitive licence price.

Generate and convert more leads! Optimise the entire funnel!

How our marketing automation consultants can support you

1. Onboarding of SharpSpring
When you want to implement SharpSpring, we take care of the setup. We explain the different functions and offer support during the entire process.

2. SharpSpring Training
We offer SharpSpring trainings to increase your knowledge about the marketing automation software SharpSpring. These trainings are given by our marketing automation consultants. We have trainings that last 2 or 4 hours. Besides that we also offer an online mini training of 1 hour for only €99,- euro! During this training you will be introduced to the most important features of the system.

3. CRM migration or integration
SharpSpring has a built-in CRM system, but maybe your organisation already has a CRM system that you would like to keep. We can migrate this CRM system or integrate it into SharpSpring. It is also possible to connect your existing forms to SharpSpring.

4. Support
We offer support in different ways when deploying SharpSpring.
For example:

- Converting existing e-mail designs to HTML;
- Creating an entirely new email design
- The creation of dynamic e-mails
- Providing automated content via workflows;
- Developing a lead scoring model;
- List segmentation and setting up and automating your social media channels.

Are you interested in SharpSpring marketing automation software?

SharpSpring is one of the most affordable marketing automation softwares. Do you want to know more about it? Contact us or request a free demo!