Your story

Who is your target audience?

To determine the right marketing strategy, it is important to know what your target market looks like. Who is your ideal customer? And more importantly, how are we going to appeal to them?

Where is your target audience?

Next. Where is your ideal customer? Which channels are best suited to reach your target audience? And with what message?

What are the challenges of this target group?

Or pain points, frustrations, annoyances. You understand your target group and see the opportunities to help them.

Your ideal customer journey

(Un)known visitor

Know from moment one who your website visitor is. Why?
Then from that moment you can customize your message based on the personal needs of this target audience. Dynamic content enables personalization right from the start

"Top, right?"

MQV (Marketing Qualified Visitor).

"We call it warm visitor."
95% of your visitors don't convert! Automatically recognize your "warm visitors," further warm them up to lead and then pass them on to the CRM without asking for personal data? Yes, you can!

MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead).

This is the moment. You give your target audience what they need and you establish the relationship. This is the conversion to MQL.

"The opt-in."

SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)

Qualify your leads to SQL by asking the right questions in a fully automated and personalized way, sending relevant content to the right person at the right time.



The reward for all your hard work. Or rather the work of Marketing Automation. He or she has decided that your content was valuable enough to go around the table with you. Now it's up to you. What to do with the data? Reuse it, of course. To optimize our approach and targeting.


The perfect end to your ideal customer journey. And a new beginning. The ambassador is a satisfied customer who not only repeatedly buys products or services from you, but also sells them. Within his or her own circle of customers and/or acquaintances. Just because they are so satisfied.

"That's what we do it for."

Real time custom dashboarding and ongoing strategy

Dashboards custom-made for your organization. How does that sound? Complicated? Not at all! Together we determine what data is relevant and we map it out for your organization. We give you access to an online dashboard in which this data is tracked in real-time, so that you always have insight into what is happening, when and by whom.

Defining a strategy at the beginning of a partnership is something any marketing agency can do. Where we distinguish ourselves as schurq. is by linking systems that give your organization access to its own marketing and sales machine. A machine that creates a synergy between marketing and sales. Complementing and strengthening each other. That is what it is all about.

Let's work together for the best results. After all, you are the specialists in your field. And we in ours.

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