Want to reach your target group in the various phases of the customer journey?

Social advertising is used with a vision that goes beyond merely creating engagement with the target group. It is about being visible on the platform where your target group is, at the right moment in the customer journey.

This customer journey is different for each product or service. Sometimes even for each customer. That is why it is important to have several touch points - via multiple platforms - to guide a person to the next stage of the journey.

To target the audience, we can make a selection from various characteristics such as demographics, areas of interest or business background. Besides these 'traditional' characteristics, we can also reach the target group through your own e-mail database or by retargeting website visitors.

social advertising objectives
The benefits of Social Advertising

- Can be used in every phase of the customer journey;
- Reach your target group through the unique and specific targeting options;
- Retargeting email databases or website visitors;
- Build target groups from engaged users;
- Generate reach, website visitors and leads;
- Immediate insight into results.

How do we use Social Advertising?

Social advertising is suitable for every company, product or service. However, it is important that you do research first. Who is your target group? On which platform is your target group located? That is why we start with a target group research. As soon as we have a clear picture of your target group, we devise an effective social advertising strategy. Specifically aimed at the goal you have in mind.

When deploying a campaign, we always take into account the various stages of the customer journey. We create a separate campaign for each phase of the customer journey. The target group then gets to see the right ad at the right time.

The results of the campaigns are constantly managed and optimised by us. In this way, we achieve the maximum return from your campaign!

social advertising media channels

Which channels we use depends on your goal and the target group. Our specialists will advise you which channels are best suited for your target group and with which content. We can help you advertise via: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Discord and Twitch.

Personal advice?

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