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about schurq.

- Proprietary approach - a unique method and proposition;
- Unconventional marketing according to the schurq. method;
- Consultants who are strategic partners;
- Personal development has high priority;
- Many (continued) growth opportunities;
- Responsibility for own clients/projects;
- Made all facets of online marketing your own

schurq. calls itself a rebel in the world of online marketing and sales. This is because we deviate from traditional methods with our own approach and unique proposition. The proposition of schurq. has been reformed in recent years. To a situation where we have mastered all parts of the customer journey. From determining the customer's target group, to getting more revenue from the current customer base. For each phase of this journey, we used, tested and optimized traditional methods. From this we created the schurq. method.

development is key!

Over the years, not only has schurq. developed as a company, but its consultants have also taken the next step. Not just doing executive work at or for clients, but being a strategic partner. Thinking along about how a company can best position itself in the market, offering insight into which tools/platforms can best be used and also monitoring this strategy.

schurq. is a young and dynamic company where personal development is central. Monthly individual and team meetings ensure that you know where you want to develop yourself further, what you need for this and especially that you keep working on it. Because it is great to set goals, but what matters is that we continue to pursue them together!

Will you be our newest schurq.?

in this you recognize yourself

A job posting naturally comes with some requirements. So you can see if the position fits your profile. But - don't let this put you off. Because maybe you don't have that diploma (yet). But this vacancy has made you enthusiastic and, moreover, you are eager to get started and learn a lot. Then we would still like to meet you.

  • HBO working/thinking level;
  • Completed Commercial/Economic education;
  • Eager to learn;
  • Some experience with online marketing
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As our newest schurq. you will be trained within the company. We will take you through our methodology, teach you how to apply it and make it your own. You may start applying your new knowledge with a diverse client base. From startups to corporate organizations and operating in different industries. In this way, you will be introduced to all parts of online marketing. Think of strategy, lead generation within all channels such as SEO, SEA, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), conversion optimization, marketing and sales automation, but also linking various systems and channels to collect as much (relevant) data as possible. Thus, no day is the same!

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this is what we offer at schurq.
  • Online marketing consultant training;
  • Much attention to personal development;
  • (Continued) growth opportunities;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Annual city trip;
  • Drinks and outings;
  • Sports supervised by Personal trainer (twice a week);
  • Informal work atmosphere;
  • Beautifully renovated office;
  • Sit/Sta desk;
  • Laptop;
  • Really nice colleagues (otherwise, of course, all this above😉)

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