Reach your ideal client

It's important that relevant content aligns with the stages in the customer journey. But don't forget to link your business goals to this. A content marketing strategy is only truly effective if the content serves your (potential) customers and supports your business goals. schurq. helps you to create this powerful combination.

From the content strategy, we create a customized content marketing plan. We map out exactly who your target audience is, with matching buyer personas or DMUs. The customer journey is mapped out. All these ingredients lead to effective content creation. The content is elaborated per phase. With the right tone of voice, we will excite your target group. If desired, we can also create a content marketing calendar as a supplement.

Psychographic data forms the basis of your buyer persona
Why content marketing?

schurq. ensures that original and effective content in the right form, with the right message, reaches your target audience at the right time. Build a relationship with your target audience this way. You will see your conversion rate increase! If you really help your target group with your content, it is easier for them to make a purchase decision.

The benefits of content marketing

  • It increases your organization's authority;
  • You excite your target audience at the right time and increase your conversion rate;
  • You build long-term relationships with customers;
  • It supports you in achieving your business goals;
  • When the content is SEO properly incorporated on the website, it can lead to high organic rankings in online search engines.
A first impression is important. Make your content worth sharing!

Content marketing can make or break your online marketing strategy. The supply of information is so vast. That is why it is difficult to reach your target audience at the right moment in the complex customer journey. Many companies therefore find content marketing a huge challenge. Do you too? No problem! We are here to help you.

Will you rise to the challenge?