Competition is growing and the market is developing rapidly. You can't be left behind, of course! We help you gain an unfair advantage over the competition with an unconventional approach.

Defining a strategy at the beginning of a partnership is something any marketing agency can do. Where we distinguish ourselves as schurq. is by linking your various systems, giving your organization access to its own marketing and sales machine. A machine that creates a synergy between marketing and sales.

The schurq. model is the foundation for your online strategy. With 5 simple steps, we set your organization's online growth in motion.

Step 1: Map the target audience

A good start is half the battle. That's how it works with online marketing, too. The first step is to map out your target audience. As specifically as possible. What industry is your ideal target audience in? How big is the company? And what function, challenges, pain points or desires do they have? What drives them to purchase your product or service, and more importantly, why not? So you start by creating a buyer persona by analyzing existing data. No problem if you haven't created a buyer persona yet. We will be happy to assist you.

Step 2: Research where the target audience is located

Once the target audience is clear, it's time for step two. What platform is your target audience active on? Each platform has its own strength - where Facebook and Instagram are best suited when you want to target certain areas of interest or personal characteristics, LinkedIn is more suited when you want to target certain business functions.

Step 3: Get the website ready to collect leads

Your website is an essential part of your online strategy. The website (or landing page) is where you convince visitors to convert. To show visitors that you are the right provider of your product or service, a strong lead magnet is key ! By this we mean a piece of content, valuable enough for visitors to leave their details. This lead magnet forms the basis for automated follow-up. So your unknown visitors suddenly become known visitors!

Step 4: Accelerate the sale with personalized content

Your visitor has left his or her contact information. Now the follow-up begins. Based on the download or request they made, a personalized email follow-up automatically starts. These emails contain valuable content focused on the lead's specific situation. Think of additional information about your organization, the product or service, an invitation to a webinar or (free) consultation. This way you slowly 'warm up' your leads until they are sales ready!

To measure is to know, and we like to know everything!


Step 5: Measure everything, know everything!

The beauty of Marketing Automation? Everything is measurable! And measuring = knowing. You can track the behavior of your leads. Did they receive all the information? And read it? You can track exactly when your lead is ready for personal contact. Based on data, you can easily make the right decisions.

Marketing Automation is the future for optimizing your sales and marketing processes!

The schurq. model

The model shows how we do it. Where we go further than other marketing agencies. And what that can mean for your organization.

The schurq. model visualizes the steps of the (digital) buying process. When you go through the steps in this order, the ultimate customer journey is walked. In each step, the focus is placed on your business objectives with corresponding KPIs, so that the approach fits exactly with them. All performance is accurately measured and optimized where necessary. Via monthly reports, we keep you informed of the results achieved.

We want to see our customers win. Winning is something you do together.


Personalized advice?

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