Our story

We are a rebel in the world of marketing and sales.
We always get the best out of ourselves and our employees.
This is all about development.
Of the team, the products, in the market or with the customer.
We make our own rules and thus change the status quo.
Together with our customers beyond the rest.
With an extraordinary online strategy. Revolutionary. Better every day.

Prompt Engineering

In the age of technological advancement, we have seen how AI, such as ChatGPT, has dramatically changed the way we work. For us, however, the true power lies in coupling AI with our unique methodology. Our approach to prompt engineering is rooted in strategic thinking. It is an extension of our approach that allows us to provide more value for our clients in content, data analytics, campaign execution and process optimization, among other areas.

Organic Search Optimization

From a strategy session, we respond to organizational and market needs with AI-driven omni-channel organic strategies. We generate relevant text and video content not only for blogs, but also for platforms such as Google My Business, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As a result, we evolve standard SEO to OSO (Organic Search Optimization).

Next level CRO

Measuring impact instead of traffic. We give each click on each button, link or image a weighting. We call this weighting impact. And all this is done without placing cookies. Continuous conversion optimization on with real-time data. By asking smart questions and linking CoC data, we can analyze and optimize the conversion path per industry, role and intention.

Customer Data Platform

A CDP is more than just a data store; it is a dynamic platform that builds complete, 360-degree customer profiles. It not only collects valuable customer information, but also strategically deploys this data to further personalize and automate communications with target customers. A CDP increases the likelihood of successful conversions and increased CLV. This in-depth and personalized approach gives us the opportunity to go even further than with marketing automation, where we have grown big.

Account Based LinkedIn Automation (ABLA)

We sometimes call it "our new employee. ABLA, Account Based LinkedIn Automation. An account based marketing strategy where we synchronize, automated, personal actions within LinkedIn with an advertising campaign. This way we provide multiple contact moments with your ideal target audience to then make contact. A new step where we automate account based lead generation. Marketing automation before opt-in.

Server side tagging

Within our belief that technology is the key to successful online marketing, we have seen how server side tagging has transformed the landscape. By embracing the power of this technology, we are taking online campaign reporting and optimization to the next level. While the switch can seem challenging initially, we see it as a rewarding investment. It allows us to collect more accurate data, reduce anomalies and increase measured traffic by up to 20%.

Funnel advertising

At schurq. we take a unique approach when it comes to advertising. Instead of standard ads, we develop a funnel tailored to the different phases of the customer journey. This funnel consists of a series of campaigns that guide your target audience with a specific message at each stage. The goal? To achieve maximum results with minimum costs. And this is possible on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and YouTube.

Funnel advertising
SearchUser becomes schurq.

Automating marketing and sales processes is a way of thinking and working that has set us apart from other marketing agencies in recent years. We have sharpened the proposition over the years with new tools and unique links. This resulted in a completely new, unique way of working. The name SearchUser no longer covered the new way of working. We discovered which name really fits our identity and vision. A name that we all feel and love. schurq.

Social Advertising

Marketing automation needs leads. We deploy social advertising campaigns in conjunction with a "lead magnet." A lead magnet can be an ironclad download, a demo request or free trial. A good first meeting is half the battle. Through social advertising, you can already show your thought leadership to your target audience.

social advertising media channels

We build sales machines

Marketing Automation from America to the Netherlands

Leading the way again. We were the first marketing agency in the Netherlands to implement SharpSpring . With preset triggers we send personalized content at the right time to the right person. We think along with you in your marketing and sales process. This can be done in various combinations: a large or small implementation, with or without training or we can take your entire marketing out of your hands with multiple consultants.

We don't believe anything, we test everything

There is always room for improvement!

Website optimization became a new service. With one motto: better every day. A different photo, title, button, or conversion point can make a big difference. But we go further than that. Because if you want to score with your website, the technical functionalities and user experience must also be optimized. With A/B testing, we test the different options. Which variant wins?

Fully conversion-proof!

More than an advertisement

A powerful campaign doesn't stop with a good ad. In addition to developing full websites, we also started designing and building strong landing pages. Relevant landing pages ensure better results. Moreover, higher relevance ensures higher rankings at lower costs!

Always stay one step ahead!

SEA - Instantly get that top position!

A new solution. Google Adwords(Google Ads) played an increasing role. Deploying relevant keywords in powerful campaigns. Through a self-developed dashboard, results and work done were shared. Completely transparent. Working together with the customer towards the best result was central. And it still is.


Even then it was unique!

SearchUser from searcher to booker
SearchUser - From Searcher to Booker

Our self-built SEO software automatically created landing pages with internal link building. The software constantly updated itself. This allowed us to outsmart both the search engine algorithm and the competition. Google's new approach meant that achieving an organic #1 position required a long-term strategy. A fast top position in Google required a new approach.