You are a specialist in your field, we in ours. From the first moment we get in touch, that sense is central. During an informal conversation we take the time to examine your specific situation and gain insight into your needs. On the basis of that, we see if an extensive strategy session is needed. Here we will go into more depth and look at your goals, customer data and your target group. For many needs, however, we already have a proven solution on the shelf that we can help you with right away.

Want to explore where your marketing and sales machine is faltering and see if it can be more efficient? Then our collaboration starts with a strategy session.


For that session, we collect data together about your ideal target audience. We question your current customer base, test assumptions and verify our findings. The target group is leading and determines which channels we use. Who is your target group, where is your target group, what are the pain points and challenges? We map this out before we can say what we can do for you.

Our services are then incorporated into a customized plan. This plan is unique to everyone, because the target audience, pain points, challenges and goals are always different. Only the channels, tools and campaigns that fit your target audience and pain points are included in this plan. This can include everything from omnichannel marketing, marketing automation, social funnel advertising, account based linkedin campaigns to integrating a CDP.

The plan guides our approach. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether the plan is fully or partially implemented by your personal consultant.

During the collaboration, having regular contact is the highest priority. This is why you will be assigned a "regular" consultant. Only if we work together can we make the plan a success. You provide input, we keep things sharp. Every week we have operational discussions about what we are doing, and every quarter we evaluate the collaboration. We also look periodically at the strategy and whether we can make adjustments. We are transparent in what we do and how we act. The customization plan serves as the route to success.

And the plan may be guiding but it is not set in stone. Because schurq. is also evolving. Our products are constantly evolving, and with the ongoing innovations in tech and AI, new products follow at a rapid pace. If we see an opportunity to improve results, we will be the first to contact you and adjust the plan accordingly. This way you maintain your competitive edge and together we ensure that we always stay on track to achieve the set goals.

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