Action, reaction

Online marketing says it all, making marketing processes digital. We take it a step further by automating these digital processes. Linking systems together so that the behavior of a visitor or lead becomes transparent and can be used as a trigger to start the next process. This way you gain more insight into the lead and build data. Analyzing data is fun. But how fun would it be if you could automatically turn this data into an action. This way you automate both the marketing and sales processes. Results can be forwarded to the CRM through smart API links. This data is also automatically added to your custom-made dashboard. This contains the specific information relevant to your target group.


The heart of the machine

Once upon a time, schurq. started with automating communication based on behavior. From here, the automation process has grown into a large part of the marketing and sales machines we put in place for our clients. Links between various systems make it possible to recognize visitors for opt-in. Based on this data, behavior can be monitored and actions can be triggered.

We use data that is automatically passed to SharpSpring to automate sales processes as well. Actions of visitors or leads trigger the deployment of tasks to sales. Automatic value assignment is also part of this. This way you always have a complete overview of what is going on within your organization. A lead is of course nice, but what really matters is more sales. More turnover and more profit.

Setting up and linking the tools correctly ensures that you can track exactly which campaign generates the most sales and what profits are associated with it. You can then use this data to optimize campaigns on the front end.

Digital automation = scalability

What might this look like for you?

We are happy to advise you on how to automate your marketing and sales processes