Optimize your sales processes

Detailed activity reports provide insight into sales team performance. You can monitor the quality of each sales contact moment. This allows you to ensure that every salesperson is following best practices for optimal conversion. Adopt a unified strategy and maximize revenue by minimizing human error.

From SQL to client

A SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) means that your lead is ready for the next step, which is the sale. The lead becomes an opportunity and is thus automatically added to the sales pipeline. Based on the behavior of the lead, it is guided through the different stages of this pipeline and the value of the lead is determined automatically. Assignment to the right account manager is based on preset criteria. A task is set and a notification is sent. Always at the right time!

Deal or no deal?

Your lead has become a customer. The data you've accumulated is stored and used to optimize campaigns on the front end.

The lead is added to the nurturing list and periodically receives relevant content. This keeps the lead involved and more importantly, keeps you top of mind! Based on click behavior in these emails, you continue to collect data and keep the machine running.
When a previously lost opportunity returns to the website, a visit report is immediately sent to sales for follow-up.

Save time, close more deals and increase your sales and profits!

Automate your sales!

Does Sales Automation sound too good to be true? It is not! Our specialists will gladly inform you about the possibilities without any obligation!