What is the Facebook Ads funnel?

Facebook is the only social media platform in which you have the ability to build full funnels. When we say Facebook, we indirectly mean Instagram because these accounts are linked together. You can think of the funnel as a series of campaigns that guide your target audience through the customer journey. With a different goal and corresponding message at each stage.

We have divided the funnel into 3 phases; visibility, interest and connection. In these different phases, your target audience will have different needs, which you naturally respond to.

Phase 1: Visibility

In this phase, potential customers first encounter your brand, product or service. So what is central to this phase? Creating the greatest possible reach and brand awareness. Broad targeting is important to reach as many people as possible. The target group is compiled based on demographics, interests and behavioral patterns. But we also target people who have visited the website and visitors who resemble this target group, also called look-a-like audiences.

How do we reach this target group?

An effective way to reach this target group is through a video. A video that taps into the emotions and where you stir up the (latent) needs of the target group. In this video you get the chance to introduce your brand, product or service and highlight its unique benefits.

The name for this video campaign is Facebook ThruPlay. Depending on the percentage (25%, 50%, 75% and 95%, 100%) of the video a person has watched, you can target them again. This is how you guide the person through the customer journey to the next stage.

Via the button below you can download our manual for Facebook ThruPlay. So you'll know exactly how to build the video the right way, and what benefits this way of advertising brings!

Phase 2: Interesting

In this phase, you target audiences that were previously engaged with your ads. They have watched a certain percentage of your video, interacted with a page on your website or even clicked through from your ad. So there is interest. But no conversion yet. So this target audience still needs to be warmed up!

In this phase, we use a targeted ad that addresses the pain points/needs of your target audience and lands on a strong landing page. This page contains relevant information that connects to the ad. Optional here is adding a lead magnet to the page. A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that can be downloaded by a visitor.

An intermediate step is possible!

Instead of landing visitors right away on a landing page, it is possible to add an intermediate step. You can also use Instant Experience at this stage. This is an experience that, when someone clicks on the ad, opens on a full (mobile) screen within Facebook.

It allows you to capture the attention of your target audience in a unique way. You can tell a story. About your brand, product or service through an experience for the visitor. Want to add some more content to your ad? Then this is a valuable intermediate step of your campaign!

Phase 3: Connecting

The final stage of the Facebook funnel. Connecting. Logically, the goal in this phase is to get your prospects to become leads. The target audience in this phase is more specific and smaller. It consists of users of the most important pages on your website, supplemented by customer lists from your CRM system and a 1% look-a-like audience.

At this stage you can be more direct. Prospects in this phase are already warmed up and interested. They just need that final push to turn this interest into a direct desire for your product or service.

What do you need for this?

For your target audience to convert, you need a rock-solid lead magnet. A piece of content that the target audience sees as valuable and for which they want to leave their personal data. Think of an ebook, brochure, webinar or competitive offer.

Does a visitor leave his or her personal information for that lead magnet? Then it is essential that you process and use this information appropriately. Through marketing automation, you can warm up leads toward the purchase of your product or service. You do this by sending relevant, personalized content that connects to the pain points and needs of this lead. One step further towards conversion!

Start setting up your funnel!