Relatively low budget,
high result!

SEA campaigns don't have to be high cost. With smart search campaigns, we ensure that most clicks lead to conversions. This way, we guarantee that your advertising budget is always spent carefully.

Before the final conversion occurs, your target audience is in the orientation phase. Whether buying a product or purchasing a particular service, the target audience searches, compares and ultimately makes a decision for a provider. SEA helps you in this phase of the customer journey. When they search for keywords related to your product or service, you will appear as the first provider. Handy right? This makes SEA an indispensable part of your online marketing strategy.


Increase of 137% in Applications
thanks to Search Only Advertising!

Google Premier Partner

schurq has been a Google Premier Partner for many years. Every year our SEA specialists are recertified so they are always up to date with the latest developments. They are experts in all parts of Google Ads: Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Performance Max, Discovery, Remarketing and Shopping.

Being where your target audience is, that's what makes Online Advertising indispensable.

Getting the best results with your Search Engine Ads

Stop wasting your budget on irrelevant leads. We work with you to get the highest possible results. By using your budget carefully and guiding relevant visitors from click to conversion!

Setting up your advertising strategy together

You want to appear at the top of search results, don't you?