Marketing automation

Marketing automation makes it possible for companies to automate marketing processes, partially or otherwise, so that almost no human actions are required. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe so. The fact is that Marketing automation is popular with many organizations, and for good reason! Because how do you make sure you reach the right target group for your product or service? And then also with a message that is specifically relevant to them? Right. Marketing automation.

Sales automation

With sales automation, you automate recurring sales tasks of the sales department so they can spend their time on what is "really" important. The personal contact. The conversations with prospects and customers to explain the products or services offered, relationship maintenance or answering questions. Automating these tasks is virtually impossible. Because customers simply value personal contact with an advisor who can help them with their specific pain points or questions.

Sales automation with the end result being notification sales
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With data, you gain new insights. Insights into the behavior of your leads and insights into the performance of your marketing efforts. To stay ahead, the trend now is to connect all channels. How nice is it when all your systems "talk to each other"? Very nice! They can increase the impact of your marketing. This is especially true when integrating tools for marketing and sales.

Customer Data Platform (CDP).

What is it and what can you do with it? With a Customer Data Platform, also known as a CDP, you build 360-degree customer profiles. Not only important for collecting and storing customer data, but also for using it strategically. A CDP makes it possible to make communication with the target group even more personal and specific. But! To make use of all the functionalities of a CDP, data is needed. A lot of data. Does your website have 50,000 visitors a month, or are you a web shop with 60 to 70 thousand visitors a month? Then perhaps a CDP is something for you.

Are you looking for a partner to properly set up and link the tools that allow you to track exactly which campaign generates the most sales and what profits are associated with it? Or are you looking for a reliable partner for setting up your marketing automation software? Then contact us without obligation.