Attracting leads with a lead magnet

For this, you need a valuable piece of content. Also called a "lead magnet. A good lead magnet is considered valuable enough for the visitor to leave their data. Leaving their data, also called the "opt-in," is the trigger for starting your marketing automation workflow.

The foundation for contacting your lead has been laid. They have made a download or request via your website or landing page. Based on this download or request, you get some more info about the lead's situation. What pain points and challenges does your lead have and how can your product or service solve them? You will provide more information about this via automated, personalized emails. And by analyzing the click behavior of this lead, you get some more information. Give and take. That's how it works.

In this way, you "warm up" leads and guide them through the customer journey. One step at a time. Until they are warm enough for conversion. Based on the behavior of your lead, his or her profile is automatically enriched. When this lead meets the preset criteria, this forms the trigger for the sales follow-up (SQL). This is the time for salespeople to pick up the phone and make personal contact.

What does this mean for salespeople? Those are always assured that they are calling at the right time. No longer too early and certainly no longer too late! So they can use their time more effectively and that's great for you too.

Benefits of Marketing Automation
  • Fully automate marketing and sales processes;
  • Personalized, relevant content at the right time;
  • Efficient deployment of your account managers through automatic qualification leads;
  • Automated data enrichment of your CRM.
Sending the right content, at the right time to the right person, completely personalized!

Measuring = knowing

In marketing automation, you can measure everything. So you don't shoot with hail. You can track lead behavior. What did the lead read or not read? What does he find interesting or uninteresting? This is essential to know. Everything can be seen at a glance, allowing you to make the right decisions.

Marketing automation is the future for improving your sales and marketing process.

Are you taking the next step with marketing automation?