How does schurq. tackle conversion optimization?

Multiple factors influence the behavior of your website visitors. Consider the content, usability, button colors, etc. To optimize your website, analyze the different components. How is the website performing? And how can you improve it? You analyze which buttons are performing best, and which are not. Do visitors walk the ideal customer journey? Or do they follow a different route? Where do visitors drop out?

What does conversion optimization deliver for your organization?
  • Better usability, you make the website more user-friendly;
  • Based on concrete data you can make informed choices and create the best version of your website. Both in functionalities and in the customer journey;
  • New leads, more conversions;
  • Upsells: more revenue from existing visitors;
How do we obtain this data?

These data are compiled for you in a complete conversion optimization report. This gives you an overview of the areas for improvement and advice on how to prepare your website to collect leads. User-friendly and with an increased ROI.

To give optimization advice, we need data. Data that tells us what visitors do on your website, which path they take and most importantly; where these visitors drop out. A commonly used tool is Google Analytics. Within this tool we can not only analyze the visitor's behavior but also extract and optimize the "average" customer journey. Other tools such as Hotjar and A/B testing allow us to transform your website into a true lead machine!

Ready for more conversions, and therefore more revenue?