Figuring out the customer journey
customer journey.

Starting with a comprehensive strategy session. This is a brainstorming session with the client in which we walk through the current sales process and map out the entire customer journey. It is important that not only the marketing manager is present at this strategy session, but also the sales manager. Because we believe that the best results can only be achieved when the marketing and sales departments reinforce each other. Because all the information needed to pick up the phone, we will have to find out.

buyer's journey.

Then we plot the buyer's journey. And for us, the buyer's journey is not the same as the customer journey. After all, the reason a customer chooses your product or service is not always the reason they interact with your product or service in the first place. So. We identify the different phases and see how to respond to them. The content, lead magnet and message are determined.

the lead magnet.

The lead magnet plays a central role in B2B marketing. Everything hinges on this piece of the puzzle. But how do you determine the right lead magnet? And how do you know that someone wants to leave his or her data? You find that out by continuous testing. Experience shows, however: The more valuable the lead magnet, the more data you can ask for.

And then the content. Because what do you say at what point and what triggers your target audience? Does the content not match the phase your lead is in? Then the chance of conversion decreases significantly. A shame, of course! So make sure you keep stimulating your leads with relevant content at the right time. Determine the tone of voice and guide them through all phases of the customer journey.

If you have all this clearly mapped out, then you can determine your strategy. And don't know where to start? Then we can help you. Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for each other.