An effective strategy

Your story starts with a comprehensive strategy session. We map out your current marketing and sales processes. We zoom in on your target group. Who is your target group and how can we best reach them? And what is going on with this target group? Based on the strategy session we look at how we can optimise the processes through the schurq. method.

The schurq. model

The model shows how we do it. Where we go further than other marketing agencies. And what that can mean for your organisation.

The schurq. model visualises the steps of the (digital) purchasing process. When you go through the steps in this order, you are walking the ultimate customer journey. In each step, the focus is on your business objectives and the corresponding KPIs, so that the approach is precisely tailored to these. All performance is accurately measured and optimised where necessary. Through monthly reports, we will keep you informed of the results achieved.

We want to see our customers win. Winning is something you do together.


Will you take that unfair advantage?

Do you want to know what the schurq. method can mean for your organisation? Call us for more information or make an appointment!