Perhaps you are already familiar with building funnels in advertising platforms. Then you also know that this is exactly what is essential to optimize your advertising strategy. On this page we are going to tell you more about building funnels in LinkedIn. The platform to reach your business audience. As with Facebook and Instagram, we have found that building funnels in LinkedIn increases the chances of reaching your target audience in the right way. To know exactly what that looks like, we invite you to read on.

what is the LinkedIn Ads Funnel?

As we mentioned above, LinkedIn is the platform to reach your business audience. Just like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is suitable for building in funnels. This funnel ensures that you guide your target group through the different phases of the customer journey. The only difference is that we don't divide the LinkedIn funnel into 3 different stages, but 2! Stage 1 is still visibility. The next 2 phases; attracting and connecting we merge into one phase in LinkedIn.

phase 1: visibility

The visibility phase is the start of the relationship with your target audience. In this phase you have the opportunity to show why your brand, product or service is of interest to the target audience. To reach as many people as possible, we keep the targeting broad in this phase. With this, the main goal is of course to create awareness for your brand. How is your target audience in LinkedIn put together next? You may be familiar with ThruPlay. This is a way of advertising with video that was previously only available in Facebook/Instagram. Until now. In fact, LinkedIn offers a similar way of video advertising.

videoadvertenties LinkedIn

What exactly does this mean and how can it ensure that you reach your target audience in the right way in LinkedIn? This unique way of advertising allows you to save target lists. You build remarketing lists based on the percentage (25%, 50%, 75% and 97%) of the video someone has watched.

What is important for this video is that it is relevant. Logical, of course. But by relevant, we mean from the beginning. And for a broad target audience. The video should trigger from the first second. Until the very last. And must respond to the needs of your target audience. With the goal of getting as many people who see the video as possible to watch it. So that your lists automatically fill up with people who have therefore already shown some interest in your brand, product or service.

phase 2: connecting

Unlike the funnel in Facebook/Instagram, with LinkedIn we switch right into the phase where we start connecting you guys. And by you, we mean your brand, product or service and your target audience. This is where you're going to benefit from the lists we built in the previous phase. As we mentioned, at this point these lists are filled with people who have already shown some interest. But it gets better. In fact, we can expand this target audience. Can't you believe it? We'll explain how this works.

expand target audience with lookalike audiences

LinkedIn analyzes the lists you build with the video campaign. With this, they see what type of person has shown interest in your video. So then you can build a lookalike audience based on this audience. A lookalike audience is literally a target group filled with people who 'resemble' the people in your built lists. Chances are they are interested in your brand, product or service! In this phase you can start targeting both the people in your lists and the lookalike audience. You can also create a lookalike audience of your website visitors. Include these two audiences and your campaign can begin.

Collecting data from these leads

Je hebt de doelgroeplijsten opgebouwd en benaderd met je content. Er is interesse en hij of zij besluit dat jouw content waardevol genoeg is om hun persoonsgegevens achter te laten. Hier heb je naartoe gewerkt. Nu heb je de keuze om de leads ofwel naar een landingspagina te laten gaan, of naar een lead ad. Het grote verschil tussen deze twee is simpel. Wanneer je kiest voor een landingspagina begeleid je leads van het platform af. Kies je voor een lead ad, dan blijven leads op het platform.

difference lead ad and landing page

A lead ad reduces the number of clicks and facilitates leaving personal information for visitors. A landing page gives you extra space to explain what makes your product or service the solution to the visitor's pain point. In addition, you can capture visitors, when they visit the landing page on your website, in remarketing lists in order to target them in other channels. So both have their advantages. Depending on your situation and by testing both variants, we determine which option is most suitable for your target audience.

the benefits of building target groups

The benefits of building audiences
So what are the big advantages of building these audiences in LinkedIn? We'd like to list that for you.

  • Because only people are "saved" who have watched a certain % of your video, you can be sure they are interested in your product or service.
  • Targeting your budget to an audience that is already warmed up
  • Higher CTR due to earlier engagement of the target audience
  • Lower cost per conversion.

omnichannel advertising

Wil je maximaal resultaat halen uit je LinkedIn campagnes, is een omnichannel advertising strategie essentieel. In deze strategie worden jouw advertentieaccounts in kanalen zoals Facebook, Instagram en YouTube gekoppeld met LinkedIn zodat jouw doelgroep over al deze kanalen wordt bereikt met relevante content voor de fase van de funnel waarin zij zich bevinden. Zo neem je de doelgroep bij de hand en begeleid je deze door de gehele customer journey.

Know how this works for your organization?