your story, our strategy.

Marketing is a collaboration. Because you are the specialist in your field, we in ours. So, together we will define the strategy. This is where our collaboration and your story begins. Did you know that your story is closely related to ours? Because as a marketing agency, we are constantly evolving. Looking for new, better or smarter ways to do our work. To give you that unfair advantage. We do everything we can to make your story a success.

your story

our team.

The team at schurq. is constantly evolving. What we do requires a certain way of thinking. Developing this requires attention and time. And we like to make time for that. Everyone has an individual POP meeting every month. We also share our successes and challenges during customer success sessions. In this way we ensure that everyone is involved in the company and can develop to their full potential. We train everyone to become an all-round consultant. Do you prefer SEA, SEO or automation? Then of course you are free to explore these areas further. And do you think you need an external course or training? No problem! Everyone supports each other to provide our customers with the right advice.

our team

our story.

And then the development of schurq. Because like any company, we also have a story. Where we used to go through life as SearchUser, we are now schurq. A rebel in the world of marketing & sales. With our heart in the right place for our clients and our people. But above all: with a good plan! That's who we are.

our story


The transition from SearchUser to schurq. has brought us a lot. We are the guide that takes you by the hand. We breathe performance and automation is in our blood. The result: our own method. Everyone should know that. And we have described this method in the 73-page Manifesto. In it, we take you step by step through the entire schurq. method!

the manifesto