Attention to the right link

Lead generation, or failure to generate leads, is a result of one or more causes. Together we will look for the weakest link in your lead generation machine. What links does this machine consist of? At the front end it starts with a campaign through one or more channels to attract the attention of your target group. But! To attract the attention of the right people, this target group must be set up properly. Do you know who your target audience is? And where it is located? After this it continues. With what message are you going to address this target group? You need to know where your target group's pain points are. What are they lacking and, more importantly, how are you going to respond?

Your target audience is well set and the message is clear. But as it goes in any relationship, it's give and take. To get more information about your target audience, you have to give them something. A "lead magnet" is what we call it. A piece of content that is valuable enough for the visitor to click further on your ad. After this click they land on a website or landing page where you explain in detail what product or service you offer and why this is the product or service they need. Are you convincing enough? Then they will leave their data. This is the opt-in.

After the opt-in, your visitor becomes a lead. To guide this lead to the next stage of the customer journey, you take them by the hand. You automatically send personalized content. Relevant content that emphasizes that you have the solution to the lead's problem. And of course which product or service goes with it. Based on the click behavior of the leads, you can track exactly when they are ready for the sale. Always at the right time.

Where marketing and sales come together

Together we look at why lead generation is not going the way you would like and how we can optimize it. Those who cannot be missing in this are the sales team. They know better than anyone else what the ideal customer needs to meet and what information they need before they pick up the phone and make an appointment to close a deal.

Providing value is the basis of good lead generation.


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