ABLA ebook
account-based LinkedIn automation.

A strategy where we collect automated leads on LinkedIn. Together we determine the target audience, the pain points, the message and map out the customer journey. . Information we use to warm up, activate the target group. We use LinkedIn advertising to create brand awareness. And by automating personal actions in LinkedIn, we ensure direct contact with your ideal customer.

Account Based LinkedIn Automation

What is especially nice is that people do not feel they are being approached. They often ask about the content themselves.


funnel advertising.

As an online marketing agency, advertising through social media campaigns is part of our daily work. Yet there is a difference in the "standard" advertising and advertising in the schurq. way. At schurq. we work out and build a funnel within the different phases of the customer journey. You can think of the funnel as a series of campaigns that guide your target audience through the customer journey. With a different goal and corresponding message in each phase. Why do it this way? To achieve maximum results with minimum costs. And funnel advertising can be done on any platform. On LinkedIn as well as on Meta (Facebook & Instagram), but also on YouTube.

Funnel advertising

And? Do you want to know if Account Based LinkedIn Automation is for you? Or are you looking for more information about funnel advertising? An informal talk can never hurt. Right?