Instagram tests inevitable video ads in main feed

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By Eline Tol

Instagram is experimenting with a new ad format that forces users to watch a video ad before they can scroll further in their main feed. This new format displays ads with a timer, allowing users to scroll further only after the time has passed.

Why advertisers need to know

This can be an effective way for brands to show their ads to a wide audience. However, there is a risk that users may find their experience distracting. This change offers brands a guaranteed way to show their ads to users. But it can also lead to negative user reaction. Similar ads on platforms such as YouTube often cause frustration.

The impact on businesses and organizations

For businesses, this means a greater opportunity to get their ads noticed. Especially now that half of the content in user feeds is recommended by AI. With this, Instagram aims to leverage the growing influence of Reels and algorithm-driven feeds for more aggressive advertising techniques.

User comments

Users are less enthusiastic. An example shared by photographer Dan Levy led to much criticism in the comments. This indicates that unavoidable ads can be deeply unpopular. Adblockers are often used because of similar ads on YouTube.

Official statement from Meta

A Meta spokesperson stressed that they are constantly testing new formats to create value for advertisers. Updates will follow depending on test results.

As a company, it is important to find the balance between taking advantage of the new advertising opportunities and avoiding customer loss due to negative user experiences.

Source: Instagram

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