Insight into where the prospect is in the funnel
No data contamination
+ 213%
Of the CTR within our Google Ads campaigns
A cooperation of many years; professional and always collegial!

CoffeeClick and schurq. have been working together for years, with several consultants working within the marketing department. CoffeeClick is the coffee supplier for both business- and sportspeople in the Netherlands, who are conquering the traditional coffee market with a unique concept. The goal of schurq. was not only to put CoffeeClick on the map of the working and sporting Netherlands, but also to streamline the internal communication and processes between marketing and sales. Instead of working side by side, reinforcing each other! Over the years the systems CoffeeClick works with have been renewed and expanded. In addition to BN Solutions as a leading CRM, they also use SharpSpring as a Marketing Automation tool. After designing, building and optimizing the new website together in 2020, we took the next step together towards fully automating the marketing and sales processes. In collaboration with BN Solutions, a unique link was built between the two systems. The integrations between the various additional tools of CoffeeClick has ensured that contamination of data is no longer possible and sales can always pick up the phone at the right time!

"Together with schurq. we play Champions League in the field of Marketing Automation".

Marcel Kiveron

A unique method of gathering and monitoring leads. This method has enabled CoffeeClick's account managers to identify, qualify and follow up on leads in a fully automated manner. With these automations CoffeeClick is on a Champions League level and the unmeasurable becomes measurable. In addition, polluted data can no longer enter both systems. The time sales used to spend on a weekly basis looking up and entering company data is now saved and they can spend their time more efficiently! schurq. offers CoffeeClick insight into the Customer Journey. We provide insight into the stage of the journey a prospect is in by linking various tools within the website.

Optimisation of marketing and sales processes

Together with CoffeeClick we have been working for years on optimising and streamlining the marketing and sales processes. In addition to devising the online strategy, we also provide support in the executive tasks. This ranges from setting up and optimising the online campaigns via both social media channels and search engines to writing content and optimising the website. Playing Champions League, that's what we call it. For we dare to say that no coffee supplier in the Netherlands has automated and optimised its marketing and sales processes as CoffeeClick has done in cooperation with us! Executive Board member Marcel Kiveron says: "The final product is high quality custom work and provides CoffeeClick with a fully automated sales/marketing & leads management system. This is how automation is meant to be and when you talk about efficiency!".

Our machine; fully up and running

CoffeeClick is actually the perfect example of how the schurq. method can be implemented within an organization. Over the years we have had the opportunity to test and optimize different tools and methods together. The entire marketing and sales machine is running and all employees within CoffeeClick are using the new method of working. Besides strategic advice, our consultants have an executive role. This includes designing brochures, writing content, and continuing to optimize the website and its organic position in search engines.

The same "All-In" approach as CoffeeClick?