AI voice technology ElevenLabs raises $80 million and launches marketplace for cloned voices

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By Guido Sombroek

AI voice startup ElevenLabs recently raised $80 million. This brings the company's valuation to an impressive $1.1 billion. Just two years after founding, former employees of Google and Palantir have achieved this feat. Key investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Nat Friedman, and Daniel Gross, along with Sequoia Capital and SV Angel, played a crucial role in this Series B funding round.

Impact on businesses and organizations

This development promises to have a significant impact on several industries. With its expertise in voice cloning and synthesis, ElevenLabs announces the expansion of its services. These include a movie dubbing tool and an innovative marketplace where users can sell their cloned voices. These advances open new doors for content creation and distribution, eliminating barriers to languages and dialects.

From inspiration to innovation

Founders Piotr Dabkowski and Mati Staniszewski, inspired by the challenges in dubbing they experienced themselves, founded ElevenLabs with the mission of making content universally accessible. Their AI technology, which now has more than a million users, enables authentic cloning and synthesis of voices and languages, creating a new standard in content distribution.

Innovations and future plans of ElevenLabs

The company also plans to further develop its AI voice technology, including a Dubbing Studio workflow and a Voice Library. These developments offer both professional users and content creators advanced tools for production and distribution. With these moves, ElevenLabs is firmly committed to leading the market in voice AI research and product implementation, while preparing for future expansions and innovations in the fast-growing field of AI-driven voice and speech generation.

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