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By Patrick Schokker Profit through hours saved and automatic lead tracking.

Schoondergang has been a leading all-round supplier for professional kitchens in the Dutch wholesale kitchen market for nearly 100 years. The company keeps the process around design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance entirely in its own hands.
automatic lead tracking Schoondergang

Every day they receive completed contact forms and information requests for their professional kitchens and kitchen equipment.

Among these are also many leads that leave only an email address, where the follow-up of these leads is was done exclusively manually occurred.

The (adverse) results of this:

1. Follow-up is done once (read: sending 1 email). This is a missed opportunity, as many leads only respond after 2-5 emails.

2. Follow-up was not done consistently. Because of daily busyness, it often happened that a lead was followed up several days later. Schoondergang wanted more consistency in this because lead follow-up must be done tightly and quickly.

Schoondergang and SearchUser

Schoondergang has been an Adwords/bing client of SearchUser for some time, in conjunction with landing pages.

These ads were running very well, but like the website, opt-ins were not being tracked consistently. Therefore, SearchUser was asked to come up with a solution for this.

What we implemented for Schoondergang are the set steps we always follow with our B2B clients:

4 steps searchuser

Segmentation: segment leads based on buying urgency

Foundation: Develop PDF to collect leads

Reach: social advertising

Follow-up: automate emails


Collecting leads on the website through e-books.
With only a contact form on the website, the threshold for visitors to leave data is often too high. Free downloads are a good trigger to collect data. Therefore, we first ensured that there is a low-threshold way on the website to collect leads.

collect ebook leads


Segmenting leads based on buying urgency and industry

Once a website visitor wants to download a PDF, we immediately segment the target audience by buying urgency. This way, we ensure that the following emails match their situation. Moreover, as soon as a lead indicates a concrete need for a kitchen, sales staff can immediately follow up with the lead.

download pdf

Targeted follow-up based on responses from leads

Then, using marketing automation software, we make sure that the subscriptions end up in a specific list and are automatically followed up appropriately.

marketing automation lead tracking


automatic lead tracking

After the request, leads receive a confirmation email. In it, a question is asked based on the reason given.

Is there no response to this email? Then the lead will receive another email with a reminder after a few days.

reminder email

Through a form, readers can then indicate when they want to be called.

form automatic lead tracking

Step 4: RANGE

Promoting the e-book through social advertising

To create large reach for the downloads, we used both Facebook and LinkedIn advertising.

Here we can target hospitality entrepreneurs in a very targeted way. For only a small budget per day, you can already reach a large target group. With a simple but eye-catching image, we invite the audience to download the free e-book.

ebook 9 most common design mistakes for restaurant kitchens

Leads that sign up through this route are also followed up automatically.

The result

Schoondergang previously collected leads through Adwords, Bing and their own sales team, but not as many through the website. Due to daily busyness, leads were not being followed up consistently.

SearchUser has ensured that there are free giveaways on Schoondergang's website, this ensures that the barrier for leads to leave data is lower. Thus, Schoondergang collects leads faster.

Once leads have entered their information, they will come into marketing automation justified in which they automatically segmented and followed up. This follow-up is consistent and focused on the lead's situation. As soon as we see in marketing automation that a lead is 'sales-ready (for example, by indicating a concrete need for a kitchen), Schoondergang's sales team can take action and approach the lead.

This method of working saves Schoondergang very many hours. 

Do you also want to collect more leads and follow them up automatically using marketing automation?

Then take a look at our services, what we can do for you. Or contact us directly here.

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