The 9 newest features at Google Marketing Live 2019

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By Shannah de Ruijter

During Google Marketing Live 2019, the very latest developments within Google were shared. The features are mainly focused on the mobile first world we live in today. This means that Google wants to improve the user experience for users and advertisers. You too need to take the new developments into account to offer your target audience the best experience, otherwise they will switch to your competitor who does ;). We share in this blog the 9 new features from Google Marketing Live 2019, which you can use after the launch to optimize your marketing activities.

Feature #1. Discovery Ads in Search.

The Discovery Ads offer the ability to deploy promotion towards customers broadly. This is done through YouTube, Gmail promotions and social tabs and in the feed of Google Discover. This form of advertising will generate 50% more clicks than current video ads, according to Google.

The Ads will be rolled out in beta in the near future.

Google Discovery Ads - Google Marketing live 2019

Feature #2. Gallery Ads in Search

Another new ad type is the Gallery Ads in Search. This feature allows advertisers to combine images with copy in the search network. This will complement the search results page with images in addition to text. This will also be possible in carousel format.

"Combining the intent of search with a more interactive and attractive format. You can now show your offering with compelling images and informative texts." - Google

In the Gallery ads, you can add between four and eight images with 70 characters per image. Also, you can specify three headlines. These may also contain between four and eight images and 70 characters. You can also test three headlines.

According to Google, this ad type provides 25% more interaction, such as clicks as "swipes" through images. This new feature fits the Google way of working. Google wants advertisers to be able to offer even more relevant information in search ads and is rolling out Gallery Ads for this reason.

The Gallery Ads capability will be rolled out at the end of this year.

Gallery ad in Search - Google Marketing Live 2019

Feature #3. Deep Linking in Search, Display and Shopping

At the end of this year, Google will release Deep Linking. This feature redirects users who search for your product and click on your Google Ads ad to the app, instead of the mobile website.

The advantage of the app instead of a mobile website is that the user often already has a profile and therefore needs to put less effort into purchasing the product. This makes the purchase more approachable so people will convert faster.

To properly measure the number of new sales your mobile website and your app generate through Deep linking, Google's Cross Reporting has also been addressed. For Cross Reporting, you must first use Google Ads web tracking and activate Deep Linking. Deep Linking will be rolled out for Google Search, Google Display and Google Shopping ads in the near future.

Deep Linking

Feature #4. Bumper Machine in YouTube

More than a billion minutes are spent worldwide watching videos on YouTube on a daily basis. This is a reason for YouTube to deliver more and more value to advertisers. YouTube finds that many advertisers do not have the ability to create a six-second bumper ad, but often have longer videos available. These longer videos often do not captivate consumers in the first six seconds and do not engage, making them unsuitable as a bumper ad.

Google, through the Bumper Machine, wants to help organizations turn their longer video into a good six-second bumper ad. Google is doing this using machine learning. Soon it will be possible to upload a 90-second video that Google cuts into a relevant six-second video. Thanks to the Bumper Machine, Google is adding more value to YouTube and helping organizations advertise successfully within YouTube.

Google's Director of Product Management & Video Ads, Nicky Rettke, said initial studies have shown that a series of three bumper ads have a 107% higher ad recall and a 134% higher purchase intent.

The Bumper Machine in YouTube will be rolled out at the end of 2019.

Bumper Machine in Youtube

Feature #5. Making purchases directly in Google Shopping

The development of Google Shopping is perhaps one of the most important developments in e-commerce. Google wants to make it possible to order and checkout a product directly through Shopping. Instagram already launched the ability to checkout a product through their app a few months ago.

Following the new development within Google Shopping, you will soon be able to order a product without visiting a retailer's website first. You can, of course, click through to the retailer's website. With this development, Google wants to make it easier for consumers to make a purchase.

Google Shopping direct checkout

Feature #6. Custom Affinity + Custom Intent = Custom Audiences.

Google wants to help you reach your target audiences in a valuable way and offers a number of ways to do this. You probably already know this from Facebook, but Google was still lagging behind in this. Until now! Google has been catching up in recent years.

Google merges the Custom-Affinity audiences (outreach based on interests and habits) and Custom Intent audiences (topics people are currently searching for or planning on) into Custom Audiences. The Custom Audiences allow you to reach people as an audience based on their search behavior and interests and habits.

Custom Audiences can be used in Search, Gmail, YouTube, Display and campaigns with Discovery ads launching later in the year.

Feature #7. Audience Expansion tool

Google is going to play even bigger catch-up with Facebook than we discussed in the previous feature: the launch of the Audience Expansion tool. The Audience Expansion tool can be used to reach users similar to your target audience within the Custom Audience. Using a "slider" you can move left or right to reduce or expand the target audience with a similar audience.

Initial tests show that 50% more conversions are generated by the Expansion tool with the same cost as a display campaign. The Audience Expansion tool can be compared to Facebook's Lookalike Audience.

The tool will be launched late this year for YouTube and Discovery Ads.

Feature #8. Major improvements within Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding, or "Smart Bidding," is the collective term for the automated bidding strategies that apply machine learning to optimize the number of conversions or conversion value in any auction.

Smart Bidding was launched by Google last year. Now it is expanding further by deploying on a new smart bidding strategy for search campaigns called "maximize conversion value. This new strategy gives you more opportunities to optimize with what has the most value for your search campaigns and for your business goals. You know your business best. When these insights are shared with Google, campaigns can be improved. From the new strategy roll three new opportunities within smart bidding that can get you even higher results.

- Set conversion goals at the campaign level

Set goals at the campaign level from now on. Within a campaign with a conversion goal, such as increasing the number of visitors, you can optimize all bids within the campaign targeting the conversion goal.

- Conversion Action Sets

Each conversion has a different value to your business. If you want to optimize bids across different campaigns, you can create a set of rules of different conversion goals. This way you focus on the most important conversions, which have the most value for your business. All while counting the less valuable conversions as well. Within Google Ads, based on the conversion action rules, a report is automatically generated that calculates the value of each conversion. This makes the real impact of your campaign measurable. Smart Bidding will link an optimal bidding strategy to this in the auction.

Google ads conversion action sets










- Smart Bidding Seasonality Adjustment

With the Smart Bidding Seasonality Adjustment, or seasonal bidding, future activities are taken into account. Think of an event where you expect to get more conversions. Google Ads optimizes your bids during this period and brings it back to normal levels after the period. The results of these bids are separated from the regular bids. Thus, the results will not affect your campaign when the activity is over. Thanks to this new functionality, you get the chance to optimize based on your marketing objectives that contribute to the growth of your business.

Feature #9. Local campaigns offer more opportunities

Hundreds of millions of people use Google to search for products and services. Google wants to help these people better match search results to their search query. In addition, Google believes that connecting with people nearby is becoming more important for organizations. Google is introducing more options for local campaigns to make this happen. Advertisers can use "Store Explore" and "Promoted Pins" to reach people who are near them and use Google Maps.

Conclusion Google Marketing Live 2019

Within the marketing industry, automation and machine learning are becoming increasingly important components. See the opportunities in this! The amount of data that machines and computers can process in a very short time allows marketers to make better choices. The marketing budget will pay off better as a result and thanks to the developments of Google Tools.

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