Blog Series (8/9): Sales Automation

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By Chantal Tol

Right on to the next part of the series. After Marketing Automation, in this blog we are going to talk about Sales Automation. Two parts of the machine that complement each other seamlessly. In essence, Sales Automation is automating the tasks of sales. Duhhh.... But what we want to zoom in on in this blog is on what basis we actually automate those tasks. And how marketing and sales can reinforce each other. Even if both are automated. Especially if both are automated!

wat is Sales Automation?

With Sales Automation, you automate recurring sales tasks of the sales department so they can spend their time on what is "really" important. The personal contact. The conversations with prospects and customers to explain the products or services offered, relationship maintenance or answering questions. Automating these tasks is virtually impossible. Because customers simply value personal contact with an advisor who can help them with their specific pain points or questions.

hoe Sales Automation werkt.

So how exactly does it work? The Marketing Automation system has done its job and guided your lead through the customer journey from lead, to MQL and now so to SQL. Actually, Sales Automation only starts from this point. Your lead has turned from a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Now the guidance to the next, not unimportant, phase of the customer journey begins. Your lead becomes a customer. Provided the follow-up is good, of course.

automate sales tasks

What is important here? Make use of the journey your lead has already taken. If you have done well, you will have given and received a piece of information during this journey. With this information you enrich the profile of this lead. Based on the behavior of the lead, you can automate sales tasks.
Examples of sales tasks that can be automated are:

  • Creation of an account in CRM including relevant sales data;
  • Creation of an opportunity - including its value;
  • Create appointment in calendar account manager;
  • Notification to sales for possible follow-up;
  • Preparing smart emails;
  • Aftersales communication.

wat triggert deze automatische sales taken?

In the previous blog; Marketing Automation, we explained that when a lead exhibits certain behaviors, a score is automatically added to these actions. Just for imaging purposes; for example, if a lead clicks on a URL in an email sent from you, 10 points are added to his or her lead score. This indicates that this person's interest has been increased. If the lead clicks on a contact button from this email, that obviously indicates a higher level of interest, so this lead gets +20 points, for example.

But for Sales Automation, a trigger other than lead scoring is also very relevant. Namely, certain actions performed within the system. Think about changing a lead status or a field within a lead's profile. A field can change when, for example, a lead leaves additional information or a situation change occurs. This can be the trigger for setting out sales tasks.

What you can set up in the background is the following. If a lead has reached x number of points, then you know that there is such interest that it is the right time for an account manager to contact this person. When this time comes, an automatic notification can notify the appropriate account manager. This way, they will spend their time only on leads that are guaranteed to be interested in the organization's product or service. Efficient use of account managers!

What else is possible with Sales Automation?

Throughout the lead, information is collected from this person. At what company does this person work, how many employees does this company have, where is the immediate need, etc. With this information, the profile of this lead is enriched. What is possible with this information? To help account managers save even more time, links can be made between the Automation system and the quotation software. With the information collected in the Automation system, a quotation can then be prepared automatically.

Process sales results in a dashboard.

There is more. Because of course it is nice that sales tasks can be partially automated. But how nice would it be if you could also make the spin-off of these tasks measurable and insightful? That is possible. Through a dashboard you can track all sales performance. For example, you can see how many leads have arrived in total, but also what stage they are in. How many of the leads are MQL, how many SQL and how many have been given an offer? And even more detailed, how many are these per account manager and what is the estimated quote value of these leads? Reporting at the management level through a dashboard. How easy can we make it?

hoe verwerken we Sales Automation in de machine?

With Sales Automation, we have actually named all the parts of the machine. Actually, all the blogs in our series have been a run-up to the upcoming moment. The exposition of the machine in its totality. A run-up in which every step is equally important, and in which every step plays a crucial role in the output of this machine. The next blog will therefore be a piece of repetition, as well as a supplement. We will name the parts all again, explaining how these parts together make up the machine.

Do not be alarmed, this does not mean that you, as an entrepreneur, must immediately purchase this entire, extensive package of services in order to achieve results. schurq. has used its own method to build a machine that not only works in its entirety, but of which the components on their own also ensure results for your organization. Adapted to your specific situation. So that your organization can grow, and of course schurq. likes to grow with you!

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