5 tips to optimize your Google business page

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By Shannah de Ruijter

The free Google business page has several advantages. Here you show the most important business information such as the address, reviews and a description of your services or products. But you can also share important content on this page. With a filled business page, Google knows you are a professional company. Because of this, Google values your website. This can cause your website to rank higher within search results. We share 5 ways you can use Google 'My Business' to its fullest potential!

Google 'My Business'

Tip #1. Mention your services and products in your profile

When you add your products and/or services to your Google business profile, they are listed with your website in the search results. You can even include a price indication. People don't have to click on your website to see what you offer. 

Make sure the list is up to date with a clear description attached. This will prevent people from coming to your website for something that is no longer offered or does not meet expectations. 

Add item to Google business page

Tip #2. Share updates and content

You can also post on your Google business page. These will also be displayed within the search results below your business profile. Post messages here about events, offers, products, a company update or other news within your organization, among other things.

Google post in Google 'My business'

Posts should fit the purpose of the post. For example, do you want your offered products and/or services to be viewed? Or more traffic to your website? Then write a short, recruiting text and add a clear call-to-action button and image. 

The available call-to-action buttons

Call to action buttons in Google business page

Posts about events remain visible until the event is over. Other posts are visible for 7 days. Are you directing readers to your website? Then be sure to check out tip #3! 

Tip #3. Measuring your traffic coming from your profile

Measuring your website traffic is very important for every marketer. After all, you want to know the results of your marketing efforts. And therefore what your Google business profile is generating!

By adding a UTM tag to a link from your website, you can measure exactly what traffic is redirected from a website to your website. In a previous blog we wrote about the importance of UTM tags and how to add a UTM tag to a link.

By giving all the links on your 'My Business' page a UTM tag, you can see exactly what traffic on your website is coming from the Google business page. 

Tip #4. Ask customers for specific reviews

Positive reviews can be very valuable to your organization. From research in fact, shows that about 64% of people check Google reviews before buying a product or purchasing a service there. Positive reviews also have another benefit. With more than five reviews, Google adds the number of stars to your business information when you come up in a search result.

Reviews in Google ' My business '

To encourage reviews, you can ask your customers to write a review. Ask them to write the review specifically about the service or product. During a search, Google not only looks for websites, but also reviews with a match. When customers write reviews with certain keywords in them, it can yield very positive results. 

Tip #5. Engage in interaction

You hope, of course, that customers write positive reviews. But, of course, it is also possible that someone will leave a negative review once. By interacting and responding to this negative review, you can solve this customer's problem. This is probably part of your (customer) service anyway, but this form of service also ensures that the review might still change into a positive review. 

The aforementioned survey also shows that 53% of people expect their review to be responded to by the organization within 7 days. Therefore, respond not only to the negative responses but also definitely to the positive ones. A simple thank you on a positive review is enough.

Google reviews responses

Visitors can also leave a question on your profile. You can respond immediately and provide your potential customers with a quick answer. This way, you also show other visitors that you are actively helping people. Do you often get the same question? Then maybe this information is not clearly stated on your website. In this way, you can also continue to optimize your website to make the customer journey as simple as possible. 

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