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By Patrick Schokker

Did you know that 80% of readers drop out at a bad headline? An attractive headline can increase traffic by 500%. A good blog headline focuses on your target audience's pain points or on improving their lives. Headlines that do not solve your target audience's problem are not effective and therefore not relevant for SEO. More traffic to blogs with just a headline. Sounds simple right? Here are the 13 headlines that help with that.

#1. The 'Best' Headlines

This is a search term often used exactly this way: 'the best way to...'.

A blog that exactly matches the search term gets a good ranking in search engines because of its relevance. Then again, the traffic is free ;). 

#2. The 'Make my life easier' headlines

Visitors are not always looking for the best way to solve their problem, but rather the easiest way. Think of headlines like "the easiest way to... 

#3. The 'Quick wins' headlines

Of course, there are always "hurried and impatient visitors. They are not looking for the best or the easiest, but rather the fastest. If you offer 'fast' content in which you prove the value of your product/service, this visitor will go through the customer journey much faster. Think of headlines like 'the fastest way to...' or ' 5 quick tips for'. 

Quick wins blog headline - more traffic to blogs

#4. The 'If I were you' headlines

Almost everyone wants to improve themselves, but we don't want to hear how we 'should' do something. We are much more quickly interested when we hear 'why' we should do something. Think of headlines like 'why you can stop doing ...'. 

#5. The 'What do we do if...' headlines

For businesses, visitor trust is most important. Transparency is key. When a company shares certain information with its visitors, it inspires trust. It can be very simple things like "Why we don't use X at [company name].

#6. The 'Science' headlines

Visitors are often looking for evidence. They only believe what it says when it is based on a reliable source, such as a survey. Do the same with your product and/or service. Make it clear in what way it improves someone's life, but based on valid research. for example, "Science shows that...

#7. The "Why X people do X" headlines

After all, we look at what those we admire do. Therefore, come up with a headline that appeals to the kind of people your target audience looks up to. This will appeal to your target audience, causing them to be interested and read. You can very simply use a celebrity's name, "Why [celebrity name X] does this..." This also applies to professional functions, "Why marketing gurus are choosing [software name X] en masse. 

#8. The "this experience taught me" headlines

Experience is the best way to learn something, besides making mistakes or seeing success in others. In the headline, name a problem and what you learned in terms of solution through the experience. For example, "What I learned from... 

#9. The 'Let me list them for you' headlines

Lists have long been very popular and often get the most clicks. The exact reason behind this is actually not known, but that it works we do know. Think of headlines like "The 5 most important conclusions from..." (This also saves people time, because they don't have to read the research report all the way through themselves ;))

sum headline - more traffic to blogs

#10. The 'Don't be stupid' headlines

If you focus your blog on known mistakes, your target audience naturally wants to make sure they don't make them. They will then read your blog so they don't look like "fools. Think of headlines like, "10 Mistakes That Make You Look Unprofessional.

blog header

#11. The 'Don't be ignorant' headlines

Are you familiar with FOMO? People like to be informed about everything. If there is something your target audience really needs to know, write about this. For example, "Everything you need to know about...

#12. The 'everyone loves competition' headlines

Compare products and/or services in a blog, which is best? These types of headlines perform very well, especially with competitive visitors. For example, "X versus Y, which software is best? 

#13. The 'Click Bait' headlines.

We can't deny it, everyone is curious. When a headline appeals to this curiosity it attracts a lot of visitors. With this tactic, though, it is important that your content is as relevant to the target audience as the headline is appealing. 

Tips to create the perfect headline for more traffic to blogs

Which headline you choose depends on what you want to achieve with your blog. One headline is more interesting for SEO, and the other attracts more traffic to your website:

  • What point in my article is most important, what should readers really remember?
  • Determine the best way to communicate this message;
  • Write 25 headlines for each piece of content, choose the best headline here;
  • Ask others for their opinions;
  • Keep track of what types of headlines work best with your target audience

Need help creating titles and more traffic to blogs?

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