Staff shortage in a tight labor market? Account-based marketing can provide solution!

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By Guido Sombroek

You see it more and more. Organizations that have a permanent job posting online. Sometimes one, sometimes several. It prevents organizations from reaching their full potential. No sector is skipped when we look at all the vacancies. The account-based marketing campaign can provide a solution. But more on that later. We'll start at the beginning.

What you all offer to attract employees

In a tight labor market, everyone is fighting for the same people. And with an aging population in the Netherlands, it will become increasingly difficult to find employees. Not only your organization is looking, your competitors are also busy finding staff. Are you attending trade days, open days, working with a recruiter or do you have an alternative way of recruiting staff?

In fact, filling vacancies is a profession in its own right. Good cooperation between HR, Marketing and often also the management of an organization is important here. What requirements are set for which position, what salary is offered and how do you ensure that your vacancy reaches the right people? Often LinkedIn is used, sometimes Facebook. And if the need is high, a recruiter can also be called in.

And there is nothing wrong with hiring a recruiter. They do what is asked of them: fill your vacancy. Still, there is room for improvement. The target group is often approached 'cold' and with the same 'standard' message. 'I came across you and what a great profile you have'. And dozens of people have been approached to fill your vacancy. These may not be of interest now, but they may be in the future. With the contact with those persons you can no longer do anything.

But it can be done differently. An alternative form of recruiting. With control over the target group, the costs and how people are approached. Including a complete preliminary process for company branding. A unique combination between LinkedIn Ads and your personal LinkedIn account. With an account-based job campaign you ensure that

  • People have already seen you (and your organization) online multiple times
  • A connection request does not come out of the blue (as so often happens these days)
  • You increase your LinkedIn network with relevant people
Recognizing companies as MQV

The different ways to fill a job opening through LinkedIn

For that, you have a number of options. Starting with posting a vacancy. Sounds simple, but is often forgotten. In the top menu is the 'job' button. By creating and sharing a job posting, your job will be seen by your connections. You can like, share, share it and bring in potential new employees. You can also sponsor it. This way you increase your reach and chances of success.

Within LinkedIn looking for staff

Option two is by searching through LinkedIn for individuals who meet your requirements. Job title, experience, degrees and more can help you make the right choice. Once you find the right person you can send them a connection request or message. A time-intensive process but can yield many and good results.

And then recruiters, option three. They, too, work primarily with LinkedIn. Because they have signed up as recruiters, they can search for the right candidates faster and better. In addition, they have a talent pool of suitable candidates. They can also post multiple job openings and use recruitment advertising from within organizations. This way they keep a grip on who is suitable for which organization and position via.

Account Based LinkedIn Automation campaign for job postings

And do you want to combine the above three? Then we have the ideal solution for that. Our own product. Account Based LinkedIn Automation campaign for job postings. What that means?

LinkedIn Advertising strategy

This campaign starts with the target audience. Who is suitable to fill your vacancy? What must this person meet. The more specific the target group is, the more targeted the message can be. Because what makes your current employees stay can also make new personnel want to work for you. Hybrid work, good salary or opportunities for advancement? We like to tell your future employees that in advance. We share the best projects and let your current employees tell you what they think of the organization.

Synchronously, a campaign runs from your personal profile. Visiting all the profiles of those within your target group. At least twice. This way, there have already been at least 6 touch points with you or your organization, even before contact is made. And that contact is made through a connection request.

But note. No sales message, no offer. Just a shared interest. After all, you work in the same industry. Who knows, maybe someday you can do something for each other. That is the purpose of the connection request. This way we create valuable connections that you can eventually approach 1 on 1 to fill your vacancy.

How is our approach different from that of a recruiter?

Starting with price. Recruiters usually work on the no-cure no pay principle. This is because they do everything in-house. And if a placement goes through, then between 10 and 15 thousand euros per filled vacancy is a common amount. And if a placement does not go through, they still build their own network.

At schurq. everything runs in-house. You expand your own online network. All relevant people. And the next time you are looking for a new employee, you are already in contact or have been in contact. The costs you incur now to fill your vacancy are permanent. Connections are (often) permanent and you can approach them again for the next vacancy. And our price is often 1/3rd of the amount a recruitment agency charges.

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