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By Patrick Schokker

The holidays are approaching... Do you have your social media campaigns ready yet? If not, we have a few more tips for you to make them a success.

Matching social media posts can create more engaged customers and more sales. In the long run, this ensures loyal customers and good brand awareness.

Tip 1: Create content that fits the holiday season (Christmas or New Year's Eve)

The holidays are the time for your business to shine and come off as less serious for a change. Plan some fun posts that tie in with the holidays, combined with topics that suit your business. In addition, you can design your own images, for example using tools such as

Tip 2: Get your social media channels and other communication tools into the party mood completely

Holidays are the best excuse to transform your entire website and social media channels into a big party. For example, design a new header that totally fits the Christmas and New Year's mood.

If you have a handy developer running around the office, you can even ask him to also temporarily festoon the website. Other ideas are: add a nice illustration to your logo, adjust sidebars or put an attractive promotion on your website that ties in with the holidays.

Social media

Tip 3: Give a special Christmas and New Year's offer

Even though you come across deals every day, the ones for the holidays work just a tad better. Your customers appreciate the discount. Even a low discount can be decisive for customers to proceed with a purchase. It's up to you to match the offer to the holidays.

Extra tip: add a deadline until when the discount applies. This triggers people to decide faster.

Do you not sell products but provide services? Here too you can come up with special campaigns that tie in with the holidays! For example, write a special white paper or blog related to the holidays and give it away for free, in exchange for visitors leaving their email address so you can send killer email campaigns in the new year.

Tip 4: Offer your loyal social media followers something extra during the holidays

Let's stay in the Christmas spirit where everyone is nice to each other. Come up with an interesting offer valid only for your followers. This way you reward your followers and trigger non-followers to follow your business as well.

Should you have budget to spare, you can also incorporate this offer into a social ad. For example, on: Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. It all depends on where your target audience is. This way you can reach a much larger target group and perhaps generate more followers. You can also directly test whether social advertising suits your business.

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Or organize a special giveaway where followers have to share your post and make sure you reach a certain number of likes. Then, of course, you have to raffle something your followers would like to have.

For example, we devised a campaign for the Dutch women's handball team where fans could win a shirt. And we more than reached the 50,000 likes!

Dutch handball ladies Social media

But then, of course, you come up with an action that ties in with the holidays ;)!

Tip 5: Schedule your social media posts

Of course, you too want to be able to enjoy the holidays and not have to think about work all the time. Make it easy on yourself and schedule all your messages. This will ensure that everything keeps running but you can put it aside. After the holidays you can then look at what it all has brought you.

Posts can be scheduled through a special social dashboard, but also in the channels themselves or special tools: Tweetdeck for twitter or Latergramme for Instagram

Tip 6: Send a special email newsletter during the holidays

In addition to your monthly newsletter, set up a separate email campaign. Especially for during the holidays. To wish your customers happy holidays and a happy New Year. This is very thoughtful to your contacts. You can also set up and schedule these in advance in most programs.

Extra tip: personalize the email. This will make your customers feel special. It's actually a kind of digital Christmas card ;)!

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In short, it boils down to this:

Let your social media posts tie in with the holidays. Should you want to go all out, you can also give your website a Christmas look. Content for the holidays can simply be Christmas greetings, but also special giveaways or offers. In addition, it is very thoughtful to send your customers personal Christmas greetings via email.

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